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Samsung N210 Vs Asus 1005PE Comparison

Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 2:02 pm

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Asus 1005PE Vs Samsung N210The Asus Eee PC 1005PE and the Samsung N210 are two of the most popular netbooks on the market today.

In many ways they are very similar, they both have a 10.1-inch LCD with a 1024 x 600 pixel display, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and are powered by the Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz processor.

I have reviewed both the Samsung N210 and the Asus Eee PC 1005PE separately, but as I had both at the same time I thought it would be useful to make a comparison of the two.

Firstly you will notice that the Samsung N210 is slightly bigger than the Asus 1005PE, especially it’s depth / height, this is partly due to a different hinge design.

The 1005PE measures 262 x 178 x 25.9-36.5 mm, while the N210 is 265 x 189 x 29 mm, both weigh 2.8lbs (1.27kg).

Both models I have here are the UK editions and have matte LCDs, but in the US the 1005PE comes with a glossy display.


1005PE Vs N210 Keyboard

1005PE Vs N210 Keyboard

Both have a chiclet style keyboard. The spacing between the keys are larger on the Samsung N210, which makes for easier typing with less errors. Both are very good, but the Samsung is the best, with zero flex.


1005PE Left, N210 Right

1005PE Left, N210 Right

The trackpads are very similar in size, and both support multi-touch, and have a single button rocker. The Samsung has a bordered edge, while the Asus goes with a dimpled design. This one is down to personal preference.

Size / Thickness

Asus 1005PE Left, Samsung N210 Right

Asus 1005PE Left, Samsung N210 Right

Side. Samsung Left, Asus Right

Side. Samsung Left, Asus Right

Both netbooks are very thin, the 1005PE has a wedge type shape, while the N210 in straight, but is raised at the back by the battery.

1005PE Top, N210 Right

1005PE Top, N210 Right

LCD Max Angle

1005PE Front, N210 Back

1005PE Front, N210 Back

This photo shows just how far the display can be opened. The 1005PE goes back further than the N210 offering a larger angle. I haven’t found the N210’s shorter limit to be a problem.


Both netbooks feature the same N450 Atom CPU, graphics, and same sized hard drive, the N210 scored 28400, and the 1005PE 27775 in CrystalMark 2004R3. For detailed performance data checkout their individual reviews.


Which netbook is best overall?, well a lot depends on personal preference as they are both excellent netbooks.

If you’re going for something a small as possible, the 1005PE just about wins there, but if you’re going by keyboard and overall quality, the N210 is your best choice.

I personally prefer the N210 mostly due to it’s keyboard and matte finish.

You can view addition comparison photos below, and also read my detailed Samsung N210 review, and Asus Eee PC 1005PE review.

In the US you the Asus Eee PC 1005PE is available with an 11 hour, or 14 hour battery in a number of colors. The Samsung N210 is harder to find, but is available from

11 Responses to “Samsung N210 Vs Asus 1005PE Comparison”

  1. JR Says:

    Thanks. very nice comparison. well done!
    I have had a chance to see 1005PEB (the retail version of PE) and Samsung N210 at bestbuy, and both looks nice. PEB is cheaper, N210 feels bold. as always, Samsung products are little more expensive.


  2. ANTHONY Says:

    I think the 800mhz compared to the 667 of the asus and the screen rosultion of the Samsung makes it a clear winner. The Samsung has 2 screen resolution adjustments above the native.


  3. tony Says:

    It would be excellent if you could tell us which machine is easier to add the 2 gig memory stick.
    thanks very much


  4. Casimir Says:

    Oh yes, nice comparison, many thanks!

    Now, which one.. I think Asus.. no, I’ll go Samsung.. or maybe Asus– phew Samsung is nice tho…


  5. Pepitapan Says:

    My question relates to accessories. I understand neither netbooks have dvd, is there a portable one to use that you can plug into USB port? If so can you recommend any?
    Also, I want to use this whilst traveling any ideas on car charger for netbooks?

    Overall great review has helped me decide on which one suits my needs. thanks.



  6. pkardam Says:

    what about battery comparison .


    • Matt Says:

      Battery life reports are listed in the individual reviews, linked at the start of the comparison.

      The N210 has the longest battery life.


  7. Brenda Says:

    I can find only a model NF210 at — it is white — will this be essentially the same as the N210 model you describe? do you know about the N450 ? is it a newer model or different altogether? I’m looking to purchase netbook as a gift for my daughter for travelling, so it needs to be fairly sturdy to hold up to rough rides some of the time :-) Any suggestions you can give are welcome!


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