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Asus 1025C – Now Available!

Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 9:09 am

Asus Eee PC

Asus 1025CGreat news for those of you who have been waiting for the new 2012 Asus 1025C Eee PC netbook to be release.

You can now purchase the brand new 2012 Asus Eee PC 1025C for just $299 direct from Amazon in either white or black colors.

We have been waiting for the 1025C since it was announced back in June last year, and then with its official US announcement in January this year at CES 2012.

Asus 1025C

Asus 1025C

The Asus Eee PC 1025C is the first netbook to make use of the new “Flare” design, which has taken the popular seashell design and evolved it to make it even more stylish. While it is similar to the original seashell design, there are a few tweaks which improve the overall look, including a recessed keyboard area.

The Asus 1025C is powered by the new third-generation Intel Atom dual-core N2600 1.6 GHz processor, which is more powerful and energy efficient for longer battery life, of up to 12.5 hours. It features a 10.1-inch LCD powered by Itel UMA graphics and HDMI output for connection to a monitor or HDTV.

The black ASUS 1025C-MU17-BK and white ASUS 1025C-MU17-WT are both available on Amazon for $299, and will ship on March 10th.

Other features include a 320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive, 1GB of RAM (upgradeable), 802.11n WiFi, webcam, multi-card reader and Windows 7 Starter Edition.

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  1. Luis Alcaraz Says:

    “which is more powerful and energy efficient for longer battery life, of up to 1.5 hours. ” …. fuuu! … My old AspireOne lasts at least 6hrs with standard battery.

    Hope it’s a mistake.


  2. Mark Says:

    i received mine from Newegg and it doesn’t come with the capability to upgrade RAM. It’s on board memory which is ridiculous because neither the Asus or Newegg website state that. Thanks Asus, so now if my RAM goes bad i either have to replace the motherboard or get a new netbook. This model is nothing like the ones previewed on youtube. *angry face*


    • clarknova Says:

      Just finished to upgrade mine. Took me hours of unscrewing, battleling with the plastic, and whispering curses. At least the RAM wasn’t soldered, but the bad news is the slot is in the back of the motherboard. So you’ll have to completly disassemble rhe thing to gain access. Take this opportunity to swap the HD for an SSD and you’ll have kicking ass machine.


      • imho98199 Says:

        I upgraded an ‘old’ MSI Netbook two months back with a 128GB SSD. It really makes these things fly. I pre-ordered mine at Aamzon last week. Can’t wait to get it.

      • Fabrizio Says:

        Hi clarknova! I am from Italy and I have just ordered one a few days ago. Will be waiting just a couple of days and it will be sent at home. I just wanted to ask you wheter the RAM memory is upgradable or not, and in case it is how did you proceed for upgrading? Is there a guide somewhere on the web from I can learn the procedure? You know, this thing is so brand new, I’d feel bad to dismount the whole thing. But anyway, this seems to be the only way for upgrading RAM. I also have a free SSD and I will place in it, too. I trust in some help of yours. Thanks, best wishes.

      • clarknova Says:

        I really regret I didn’t take pictures. I’d advise you to wait for someone to document this mod before opening your netbook because it is a particulary delicate procedure. I did exactly the same job before on a Samsung NC10, then on a Samsung NC210. It had nothing to do with the eeepc 1025C : this one is definitely not meant to be opened.

        In a nutshell, to upgrade the RAM you will have to completly disassemble the netbook. Only five screws are holding the thing closed. Five screws and everything else is plastic clipings which are very uneasy to open up. I used a credit card which is now a piece of shred. The plastic of the closing is pretty solid so I luckily left no mark on the netbook.

        Then you’ll have to completely unscrew the motherboard and the fan (it keeps the motherboard attached to the closing). On the back of the board you will find the RAM slot. This is the easy part : you just have to remove the original 1Go and switch it with a 2Go. Closing back the whole thing is another nightmare : three kind of different screws, microscopic connectors and all this plastic clipings to put back together.

        Good luck…

      • Fabrizio Says:

        Yeah, I understand. I just don’t get it: Why the…hell do they have to sell this netbooks with only 1 GB of RAM?? Every single human being knows that today’s OSs need more and more than 1GB of RAM! with 1 GB I can only boot up the machine and open a Web browser. Then why do they do that? Maybe it’s only marketing?…Well, I definitely hope to find a guide which tells me how to open it, because this thing is so…”limited”. Anyway, if someone knows a guide for disassembling…I will be so glad. Thanks for your help clarknova, you were kind. bye.

      • clarknova Says:

        Obviously Intel makes much more money selling Core i5 processors than Atoms. They ask Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung etc… to limit the RAM and not to equip netbooks with SSD, so if someone wants a powerfull machine, he has to buy a real laptop, or an expensive ultrabook.

      • Luiz Says:

        how can a ssd runs with this nm10 chipset?

  3. Al Nicko Says:

    Does the 1025C have bluetooth? Dongle needed?
    Thanks in advance for reply.


  4. James Says:

    The Eee PC 1025C will usually come with the SO-DIMM slot and either N2600 or N2800 depending on region, but the 1025CE with N2800 will be soldered with either 1GB or 2GB of RAM.

    The 1GB limit is because of Windows 7 Starter Edition requires the system be sold with only 1GB of RAM. While Asus is apparently unwilling to deal with tech support issues for the N2800, since it can support up to 4GB of RAM but the driver support for the new GMA is not perfected yet and may take till Windows 8 before it will be.

    For Bluetooth, Asus will use a combo WiFi/Bluetooth half size card and will mainly offer it with the N2800 version models. So the only difference between models with Bluetooth and those without, besides the N2800, is the combo card and a extra antenna. So those upgrading anyway can consider adding the extra antenna and swapping the WiFi card.

    The Combo card seems to be the only one indicated to support Intel WiDi as well. Since that feature is only mentioned on the Asus 1025CE model product page.

    There is also a free spare full size Mini PCIe slot but it’s unknown what’s it for yet. Possibility include mSATA, since Asus is promoting a Instant On utility that has so far only been tested on the 1225C.

    The Instant On feature is suppose to support a 2 second wake up and up to 21 days of standby, but on the 1225C it took about 7 seconds to wake up. So it may require a SSD to fully realize the advertised 2 seconds.

    The 1225C reviewed on NetbookLive had the bottom RAM access panel but the RAM was soldered with a N2800 configuration.

    Some sites, like Amazon, have indicated system may be fan-less but the exhaust port is definitely there and the FCC internal photos showed fans. So more likely Asus just managed to make them real quiet. Since the NetbookLive reviews indicated only the hard drive could be heard.

    Asus is also updating some older models with Cedar Trail but it’s unknown yet if the RAM will be soldered on those models. Though it appears they won’t update those models to include HDMI or display port.

    A couple of other companies, like HP, will also be updating some existing models and similarly won’t be adding HDMI or display port.


    • Nick Says:

      FWIF, I’ve unplugged the fan on my 1025C and it runs just fine (granted, a bit hot) even after several hours of having both cores maxed out (running ‘sha1sum /dev/urandom& sha1sum /dev/urandom& sha1sum /dev/urandom& sha1sum /dev/urandom&’ in Linux) with temps in the low to mid 70s. Not ideal, but considering the unusual torture that implies, maybe not all that bad. Unplugged the fan to get a bit more time on battery. That fan doesn’t run until the CPU gets going (but I’ve not seen it stop after it starts running) so maybe those that report it being fanless are just not working it hard enough to start the fan in the first place.

      Upgraded the RAM to 2 GB, but can’t run 64-bit OS on it…



  5. clarknova Says:

    Thanks for all the infos ! (With a SSD and 2Go RAM, it really takes 2 seconds to wake up. It’s amazing.)


    • Mark Says:

      so since you took it all apart, are you sure that there is absolutely no way i could just remove the bottom of the laptop without having to disassemble the whole thing?


  6. clarknova Says:

    Absolutely sure. In pictures of an alpha versions of the netbook, I’ve seen a trap in the casing to access the RAM. As the trap is not there anymore, the only way is to completely disassemble it.


  7. Fabrizio Says:

    guys! Maybe Italian versions of these are faulty :D my brand new 1025C does not seem to make my N2800 CPU work in 64 bit mode. I installed win7 64 bit and it does not boot. It says that the CPU is not able to work in 64bit mode. how is it possible? an N2800 is 64 bit capable of course!!! I am really worried. I just don’t know if it is faulty. Could you see if it is the same for your 1025c?? Maybe the problem is the BIOS which is yet too premature?…I would really love if you’d give me an answer, because I need to know if I should return that back. Could you please, at least tell me what BIOS version are you using? Press F2 when ASUS logo appears on POWER-on command, you’ll get in the BIOS and will read the version. Thanks, really.


    • clarknova Says:

      I had the same problem with my Samsung NC210 and with the Asus 1025C too. If someone has an explanation. Anyway I’m not sure it changes anything for a netbook use.


      • Fabrizio Says:

        So you have the same problem that I have, your pc does not see 64bits capabilities of the CPU…I think that’s because of the BIOS version…yet too premature. It needs an update from ASUS maybe. The differences anyways are little between 32 and 64 bit on a low-power CPU. What gives you difference is the RAM amount and the SSD. If someone has some news ’bout this issue then please post that. We’ll be glad. Clarknova, if you have some time could please tell me the procedure for open this netbook? I need a Ram upgrade. thanks dude.

      • Luiz Says:

        How can this netbook run with a ssd? It uses a nm10 chipset, intel’s website says it only supports ATA (or sata I).

    • James Says:

      Intel is prioritizing driver development for Windows 8 for Cedar Trail ATOM. So support for full DX 10.1 and 64bit Windows 7 is on the back burner for now.

      While anyone looking to run Linux should avoid Cedar Trail for now.

      @ Luiz – Your information is incorrect, NM10 supports up to SATA II and netbooks have been running with SSDs since the beginning when they were limited to SATA I and PATA/ZIF I/O with the early netbooks based on Celeron M 353 and then the original ATOM.


  8. Netfan Says:

    Hi. I’m also interested in this netbook, now that they seem condemned to disappear.
    May I ask if anyone tried WinXp 32-bit on it? I’m concerned about drivers and compatibility. Also with SSD.
    Information about memory upgrade has been very useful. Thanks!


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