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Asus Offer Free USB GPS Dongle For Transformer Prime Owners

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 11:31 pm

Asus Eee PC

Asus Transformer Prime GPS Extension KitIf you’re lucky enough to own the very impressive Asus Transformer Price tablet, but also unlucky enough to be experiencing some GPS problems with the unit, you’re in luck.

Asus have very generously come to the rescue by offering up a free “GPS Extension kit” to Transformer Prime owners who are experiencing problems. This kit is basically a USB dongle that you simply plug into the tablet “which may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience”.

While Asus haven’t strictly admitted a problem with Transformer Prime, I’m very impressed with their customer service to offer up this solution.

Asus Transformer Prime GPS Extension Kit

Asus Transformer Prime GPS Extension Kit

It is very easy to apply, just go to the page on Asus’ website, sign up to the site, and enter some information, including the devices serial number.

But please note, this offers expires on July 31st 2012.

Have you have any problems with the GPS on the Transformer Prime?

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