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HP Mini 1103 | Affordable Business Netbook

15. November 2010

HP Mini 1103HP have just announced their most affordable HP Mini for business netbook. The new HP Mini 1103 weighs just 2.78 pounds and is priced at a just as light weight $299.

The HP Mini 1103 is HP’s cheapest business mini, and is aimed at professionals who are looking for a stylish and lightweight computer to bring on the go.

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HP Mini 5103 Business Netbook

10. August 2010

HP Mini 5103HP’s latest business netbook, the HP Mini 5103 which first showed up on the official Italian version of HP’s site, is now available to purchase in the US from just $399

The HP Mini 5103 is the successor to the 5102, and while remaining mostly the same, now adds the choice of Intel Atom N455 1.66GHz or N475 1.83GHz processors. With these new processors also comes the support of faster DDR3 RAM.

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HP Slate 500 Discovered

21. July 2010

HP Slate 500Since HP got its hands on Palm we have been expecting to hear WebOS news from now on, but this is certainly not the case.

In the recent past there has been a lot of talk about an 8.9-inch HP Slate. Well today the “HP Slate 500″ has been discovered on a small page on

It’s very interesting to note that the listed HP Slate 500 tablet PC runs Windows 7 Home Premium, along with “exclusive” HP software, rather than WebOS.

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HP DM1Z Now Available

8. July 2010

HP Pavilion DM1zThe very impressive new HP Pavilion DM1z series ultraportable notebook has just gone on sale on the official HP estore.

The 11.6-inch ultraportable HP DM1Z series can now be ordered and customized at the official HP store, with prices starting at just $449.99.

The dm1z is a new variation of the popular dm1 model with AMD Vision technology. It is certainly no slouch, and can be configured with up to a massive 5GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, or 128GB SSD.

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HP Compaq Airlife 100 Smartbook

12. February 2010

hp compaq airlife 100HP / Compaq have officially announced the Airlife 100 Smartbook. Although this announcement is new, we have known of it’s existence since it’s FCC filing, and shortly after, it’s appearance at CES in January.

The Airlife 100 Smartbook blends together a smartphone and a netbook, by using mostly smartphone hardware, and putting it in a netbook form factor.

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HP Mini 5102 Reviewed

25. January 2010

HP Mini 5102The HP Mini 5102 netbook is HP’s latest business orientated netbook, which is a slight upgrade over their previous model, the 5102.

The HP 5102 is aimed at business professionals, and while this might be the case, an every day user who appreciates the professional design and high build quality of the 5102 should consider it.

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HP Mini 5102

6. January 2010

HP 5102HP have just announced their latest business orientated netbook, the HP Mini 5102.

They have built on the HP Mini 5101 model, updating the hardware and adding optional touchscreen. The HP 5102 has similar design to the 5101, which in my opinion looks great, and professional.

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HP Mini 210 & Mini 2102

30. December 2009

HP Mini 210Very rarely is a netbook officially announced any more, as it is more often revealed by another means.

The upcoming HP Mini 210 netbook has been reveled by two sources, an Internet retailer which lists it as just $279, and HP’s very own support pages for the product.

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HP Mini 311, Windows 7 and Full Ion

12. October 2009

The HP Mini 311 is currently one of the best netbooks on the market, and has received a great review.

But it looks like the HP 311 is only going to get better, with a number of optional upgrades becoming available soon.

The 11.6-inch HP Mini 311 netbook is currently available with Windows XP operating system and Nvidia Ion LE graphics.

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HP Mini 311 Review

9. October 2009

The HP Mini 311 might not have been the first Nvidia Ion powered netbook be to announced by manufacturers, but it was the very first to actually hit the market and become available to purchase.

The HP 311 is an 11.6-inch netbook with Ion LE graphics / chipset, a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB RAM, 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 HD LCD, HDMI output, and a 160GB hard drive.

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