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Lenovo S110 Mini Notebook

Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 11:03 am


Lenovo Ideapad S110Although not yet officially announced, Lenovo have released a promo video for the Lenovo Ideapad S110, their latest 10.1-inch laptop.

It’s interesting to note that they are calling it the “Lenovo S110 mini notebook”, rather than using the “netbook” term. We feel that Lenovo might want to move away from the netbook name as many people associate them with slow machines, where as the new S110 mini-notebook makes use of the new faster and efficient Intel Atom 2600 processor on the Cedar Trail platform.

In the promo video Lenovo are trying to give it the cool factor by showing its use in a “rock star” kind of situation. From the promo video and website we know that the 10.1-inch machine has a “HD Display” we can only assume that’s a 720p resolution, but Intel have said that the N2600 does support the full 1080P resolution. We’re sure that Lenovo will bring the Ideapad S110 with them to CES 2012 next week, where they will spill the full details.

Lenovo Ideapad S110

Lenovo Ideapad S110

The Lenovo Ideapad S110 also features an optional 2 megapixel webcam, and optional 3G. Other features include USB 3.0 (10x faster than USB 2.0), a 98% full sized chiclet keyboard, and instant on feature.

Pro Vantage website are already listing a Lenovo S110 206932U model with 1GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, Windows 7 Starter and the new Intel Atom N2600 for just $321. So we’re sure we can expect an official press release or tour at CES next week.

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  1. Lydell Says:

    Atom based mini-desktops will use less than 10w at load. they wont be able to push 1080p but that wont matter since most poelpe buying these will probably be using them as file servers (with multiple ext HDD’s attached) or to give to their kids for basic net use. but the dual core Atom mini-desktops will be available this fall. powerful Core2Duo based mini-desktops use at a minimum 40-50w at load, most of them use considerably more than if you dont need power these Atom based mini-desktops are a far far better solution by saving considerable energy costing much less.Intel is about to take over the only market VIA has ever owned, all because VIA was to lazy to produce a new chip is still making poelpe use their old C3. me other poelpe involved in the silent efficient desktop community have been excited about Atom the upcoming dual core Atom for quite some time, up until now crappy VIA has been our only option.


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