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LG Z330 Ultrabook Announced

6. December 2011

LG Z330LG have just announced an new ultra slim 13.3-inch notebook over in Korea. It’s part of the X-note range and has the slender frame and specifications for it to be classed as an ultrabook.

The thin and light LG Z330 Ultrabook is based on Intel next generation platform ultrabook specifications and and powered by the Intel Core i7 2637M or Core i5 2467M processor with 4GB of RAM.

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LG X170

17. February 2011

LG X170LG have just announced their latest, and we must admit, very impressive new netbook. The LG XNote X170 is a 10.1-inch netbook, but it does standout from the crowd.

Firstly it is available with the the new dual core Intel Atom N550 processor, or the standard single core Atom N455 processor. Along with a choice of processors the LG X170 comes with a choice of either the standard 1024 x 600 pixel resolution LCD, or a 1366 x 768 pixel HD display. Upgrading to the HD display model gives you extra screen space, which makes everything feel a whole lot less cramped.

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LG X140 World Cup Netbook

7. June 2010

LG World Cup NetbookWith the World Cup starting this Friday, LG have just announced a special World Cup Edition of their new LG X140 netbook.

The special edition 10.1-inch netbook will go in sale in certain countries this month. Exactly what countries we are not sure, I’m suspecting it will be available in a number of European countries as the world cup is a very big deal here.

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LG X140

24. February 2010

LG X140With CeBIT kicking off at the start of next month we can expect to see a number of fresh netbooks announced. It looks like the LG X140 is one of these new netbooks.

While it hasn’t been officially announced just yet, a the X140 has been photographed and a number of it’s details reveled.

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LG X200

14. January 2010

LG X200LG have been showing off three netbooks at this years CES. The ultra slim LG X300 has gained most of the attention over the past couple of days, but the LG X200 netbook has it’s own fair share to offer.

They were displaying the 10.1-inch LG X120 (which has been available for some time now), the LG X300 ultra slim, and the 10.1-inch LG X200 with Pine Trail CPU and HD display.

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LG X300

8. January 2010

lg x300LG have just officially announced their very impressive looking LG X300 netbook to the world!

It looks to be the same netbook, with a few tweaks, that we saw leaked at the end of last year, when it was known as the LG X30.

The LG X300 looks very stylish and very thin at just 17.6mm thick.

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LG X30 (LG X300)

14. December 2009

LG X30Yet another netbook has leaked from a number of FCC documents revealing an upcoming netbook from LG, the LG X30.

The FCC documents reveal the LG XNote LGX30 11.6-inch netbook before it has been announced by LG. The documents include a user manual, and a number of photos showing the LGX30 external and internals.

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LG XPION X30 Ion Nettop

17. September 2009

LG have announced their first nettop PC, and it looks very impressive.

Following in the footsteps of the very popular Acer Aspire Revo, the new LG XPION X30 nettop features the Nvidia Ion chipset / graphics, giving it powerful 1080p HD playback capabilities.

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LG Mini X120 Levis Edition

21. July 2009

lg X120 levisWe are quite used to seeing special edition models of netbooks on the market, but this one has to be one of the strangest to date.

LG have announced a special Levis Edition of their Xnote Mini X120 netbook. Currently the LG X120 Levis netbook has only been announced in Korea at the moment.

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LG X130

13. July 2009

LG X130The LG X130 has just shown up on the FCC website, revealing some key information along with a view of the netbook.

Although it is currently being called the LG X13, if the previous LG model names are anything to go by (X120, X110), we assume that on it’s release it will be called the LG X130.

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