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MSI U180 10.1-Inch Netbook

6. January 2012

MSI Wind U180While Lenovo seem moving away from the “Netbook” tag with their S110 mini notebook, MSI are still fully supporting the netbook scene, and have just announced a new 10.1-inch netbook based on the new Intel Atom N2800 Cedar Trail processor.

This is the very first netbook we have seen to make use of the latest Cedar Trail processor. The Itel Atom N2800 CPU is a dual core processor running at 1.86GHz giving the MSI Wind U180 some decent power. It also makes use of the new Intel GMA 3650 graphics, which are reportedly 2x faster than the previous version, all while reducing the over all power consumption, and in turn extending the battery life.

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MSI X370-205US Now Available

13. September 2011

MSI X370-205USMSI have just released an updated version of their X370 13.4-inch laptop. This new version called the MSI X370-206US / MSI X370-205US is the first laptop in the U.S to feature the new 1.65GHz dual core E-450 Fusion APU.

This new APU / CPU only adds an increase of just 0.05Ghz to the CPU’s clock speeds over the older E-350 chip. But the new E-450 APU does add a new Turbo feature for on the fly optimization of the CPU core speeds and the Radeon HD 6320 GPU core.

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MSI U160MX – Dual Core

17. February 2011

MSI Wind U160MXThe MSI Wind U160 has been a popular netbook for MSI for over a year now. But now MSI is back with the MSI Wind U160MX.

So how does the new MSI U160MX differ from the original U160? Well firstly the main difference is that the U160MX is available with either a single or dual core Intel Atom processor rather than just the standard single core.

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MSI U230 Light | 11.6-Inch

20. July 2010

MSI Wind U230 LightThe “Light” edition of the U230 has an 11.6-inch matte display with a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, while the standard (non Light) version has a 12.1-inch display.

Where as Samsung are appending “Plus” and “Plus Premium” to indicated better product specifications, MSI have added “Light” to indicate a different model entirely.

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MSI Wind U250

23. June 2010

MSI Wind U250A new thin and light notebook, the MSI Wind U250 has come to light thanks to information provided by the EnergyStar website.

Update: MSI have officially announced the Wind U250!

The yet unannounced low power MSI U250 is a 12-inch notebook powered by the new dual core AMD Neo processor (1.3Ghz Athlon II Neo K325).

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MSI Wind U140

7. May 2010

We are about to see a big influx of new netbooks coming our way which will be announced next month at Computex in Taiwan.

One of the first netbooks to come of light is the new MSI Wind U140. Although very little is currently known about the Wind U140, we do know that like most netbooks on the market, it will feature the Intel Atom N450 1.66Ghz processor, along with a 10-inch display.

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MSI Wind L1350, L1300, L2300 Available

6. April 2010

MSI L1350Four new MSI Wind netbooks have shown up on MSI’s official website, although these new netbooks have all new model names, the netbooks appear to be small updates to existing models.

The new netbooks consist of the MSI Wind L1300, L1350, and L2300. All seem to be very similar to existing models which are currently available, so it’s not exactly clear why MSI have gone with the new model names.

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MSI U230 | Now Available

10. March 2010

MSI Wind 230If you have been patiently waiting for the MSI Wind U230, your day has finally come!

Even though th MSI U230 was officially announced roughly four months ago, the U230 hasn’t been seen or heard of since. Well, until now that is! The MSI U230 is now available to order in it’s two versions.

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MSI Wind U160 Now Shipping

8. March 2010

MSI U160 BlackThe MSI Wind U160 was one of the very first Pine Trail netbooks to break cover in the lead-up to CES in January.

Although it was one of the first announced, Asus, Acer, Samsung and more have released their new Pine Trail Atom netbooks, leaving MSI behind.

While the MSI U160 has been available for pre-order from Amazon for sometime, it hasn’t started to ship. But NewEgg on the other hand are currently shipping the U160 today for $379!

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MSI Wind U160 Available

16. February 2010

At the start of the year at CES, a whole bunch of new netbooks were announced, and since then many of them have appeared online almost instantaneously.

MSI on the other hand have been a little slower at getting their latest Atom N450 models out.   The MSI Wind U135 has been available pre-order for a little while now, but until now we haven’t seen the Wind U160 show its face.

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