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Intel Atom N450

Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 1:22 pm


The most common processor found in most netbook is the Intel Atom N270 CPU. But this is soon to change with the introduction of the new Intel Atom N450 processor.

The Intel Atom N450 CPU, which is specifically designed for netbooks, is scheduled for launch in October this year, replacing the popular and common N270 CPU.

The new Atom N450 processor is part of Intel’s new “Pine Trail” architecture, which moves the GPU and memory controller (north bridge) onto the CPU die, leading to a smaller product, that consumes less power when joined with the Intel NM10 (Tigerpoint) chipset.

The new 45nm single core Intel Atom 450 CPU will use less power, and produce less heat, or can achieve faster clock speeds.

The CPU competition is building up on the netbook market, with Snapdragon and Tegra “smartbooks” due to appear on the market soon.

Update:  October has come and gone, with no sign of any N450 Pinetail netbooks.  But we have heard that a number of new netbooks featuring the Pinetrail N450 CPU are expected to be announced at CES this January!

Update 2: (Jan 2010) A large number of netbooks featuring the new Intel Atom N450 processor are now available!

Over 15 netbooks with the N450 are listed in our netbook comparison page, simple type “N450″ into the search box to filter the netbooks!