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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) Now Shipping

24. April 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2The very latest 7-Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is now available in the US and is shipping out to very happy customers.

It’s no surprise that the Galaxy Tab 2 is currently selling like hot cakes, and it’s great to see than in such a short time users have been flooding in with great reviews.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Available November 13th

24. October 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusSamsung have just put out official word that their new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet will be available from November 13th.

Officially the pre-order started yesterday (October 23rd), Amazon jumped the gun and opened their pre-order pages a few days ago, only to pull them a few hours later. Now that the 23rd has passed you can now find these pre-order links live on Amazon.

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Samsung NC215S – Solar Netbook

5. August 2011

Samsung nc-215sSamsung have announced a world’s first with the Samsung NC215S netbook. It’s the first and only solar netbook.

The Samsung NC-215S is essentially the Samsung NP-NC110 with a solar panel integrated into the lid of the netbook. The solar powered netbook was initially announced for release in Africa and Russia, but has recently been given the green light for release in the US. Our Samsung contact tells us that the netbook should be available mid or late August.

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Samsung Series 9 | 11.6-Inch Now Available

24. May 2011

Samsung Series 9Samsung announced the very impressive 11.6-inch Samsung Series 9 a few months ago, and has been available to pre-order from Amazon for sometime now.

But today, finally the super slim and light 0.62 – 0.65″ thin, 2.3lbs 11.6-inch machine started shipping out from Amazon for $1,160.

The Macbook Air competitor is duralumin-enclosed powerful little laptop. It’s powered by the Intel Core i3-380UM processor, along with 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD.

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Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

12. May 2011

Samsung Series 5We have been hearing about Google Netbooks for some time now, and Google has just officaly ammounced the first Google Chrome netbook, also know as the ChromeBook.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is a 12.1-inch ultra slim netbook which measures just 0.79-inches in thickness, and of course runs Google Chrome OS (Opperating System).

The newly announced Samsung Series 5 ChromeBook is the very first Google netbook to be announced. The Series 5 netbook meets Google’s “Chromebook” specifcations and standards.

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Samsung NC110 Available

23. February 2011

Samsung NC110The Samsung NC110 was announced along with the NC210, and the NS310 netbook at CES 2011 at the start of the year.

We have just noticed that the Samsung NC110 is now available to purchase from Amazon for $342 or less from their thirdparty stores!

The Samsung NC110 and NC210 are very similar and have the came design, but different chassis material and specifications. The NC110 featured here is the higher end model.

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Samsung NC210, NC110

12. January 2011

Samsung NC110Samsung have announced three new netbooks for 2011. The Samsung NC110, the NC210, and the NS310. Not too sure why the “NS” got changed to “NC” for the 310 model.

As the Samsung NC210 and NC110 are both very similar I will cover both of these netbooks in this article.

Both of these 10.1-inch netbooks have the same design and only different in the processor that they use. The sleek design looks very nice and seems to take different design aspects from various recent models.

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Samsung NS310 Announced

11. January 2011

Samsung NS310Samsung have just announced the Samsung NS310 netbook alongside the NC210, and NC110 netbooks.

The Samsung NS310 is an updated version of the popular N310 from a year or two ago. At the time the N310 stood out from the rest of the other netbooks from its clean and simple design, rubberized finish and large Samsung logo on the lid.

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Samsung N350

28. October 2010

Samsung N350The Samsung N350 netbook is one of the latest 10-inch dual core netbook to go on sale.

It is currently available to purchase in the UK for £345 form Amazon UK and is available in other parts of Europe, we have yet to see it available in the US just yet.

The Samsung N350 has the exact same case design as the Samsung N230, and as I have reviewed the N230, I know it has very good build quality, attractive design, great keyboard and is very slim.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet

2. September 2010

Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung have just announced their first Tablet PC with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab looks set to shake up the Tablet market, which is currently dominated by the Apple iPad. It was unveiled at the IFA conference in Berlin, and it has been revealed that it will run the Google Android operating system with either a 15GB or 32GB capacity, and is further expandable by an extra 32GB (microSD card).

It has an 18cm (7-inch, 1024 x 600 pixel, capacitive touchscreen) screen and weighs 380g (14oz), making it both smaller and lighter than the iPad.

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