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Samsung N230 Hands On

Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 11:53 am


Samsung N230The Samsung N230 is the latest 10.1-inch netbook from Samsung.

When it was first announced its specifications didn’t look all that different than the previous N210 / N220 models currently available. But after we saw the first press shots of the Samsung N230, it gained a lot of peoples attention.

While the specifications are similar, it has a great looking thin design, with brushed metal palm rest, chrome hinges, and a great boarderless chiclet style keyboard.

Update: Forget the hands-on, and check out my full detailed Samsung N230 review!

We have seen a number of great looking photos, and now we can see a hands on video of it. Johannes from NewGadgets saw the Samsung N230 at the IFA Preview. In fact the N230 was the only netbook on display.

Samsung N230

Samsung N230

Johannes seems to be very impressed with it. It is very slim and light, with a great finish, matte (non-glossy) LCD, and very nice keyboard and trackpad.

As with the N210 / N220 upgrading the RAM is very easy via a small hatch, but if you want to upgrade the hard drive, you will have to remove the whole case.

The Samsung N230 is already available in the US, and can be purchased from Amazon for just $399.

If you’re in the UK, it’s up for pre-order for £349 and will be released August 7th.

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